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quite awesome.

an awesome and humorous song accompanied by smooth and perfectly synced animation. this shoulda been in "super mario brothers the movie". or not.

best... buildup... EVAR

that was quite possibly the longest buildup to an expected joke ever, and it's all the more hilarious because of it.

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a very good one!

a prime example of mixing story and action. just the backgrounds are great. you obviously put a lot of effort into animating the effects and characters, and i commend you for it. at the risk of sounding annoying or cliche: sequels, plz?

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a humorus little adventure

this was a fun, if short, game. the premise is interesting, although kind of weird [what did this chump do to piss off so many six-legged critters, anyway?] the controls are a little too loose, and it's a little too easy, but it's funny, and apparently made in just two days-- which you wouldn't be able to tell were it not in the author's comments. and, as always, the kitten gets all the p00n.

a pretty awesome game!

this is clearly the most upgrade-centric games on NG, and i love it for that. it's quite shameless, and somewhat humorous.


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a pretty good platformer

i hesitate to refer to this as an "rpg", as such elements are light outside of level-grinding, and the story (in keeping with the rest of the "elephant" games) is almost nonexistent, aside from your standard quest to kill someone who done you wrong-- in this case a bastard mammoth.
however, it's still good, just not very deep. the mindless fetch quests and accumulation of power are fun, and the writing has quite a bit of humor in it. what more can you ask of a flash game?
however, the enemies never really go beyond early-level back-mounted-laser fodder, and most of them just wander around to potentially fall to their deaths.
it still is a fun little way to waste 40 minutes or so, though, and another fine entry in the series of blue elephant games.

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truly the only victor shalt be the wielder of all things 80's kung fu movies.

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does it swwm like zelda's being skipped?

this is a wonderful piece of blood n' gore, but something's just struck me... all the artists always do the bloody "he's her bitch" Mario parodies, but no one's ever really done any Zelda art with the same gritty, realistic, blood-soaked feel. and for that i commend you- hopefully you're a pioneer among those who are artistically inclined and harbor a sick mind.

i have to pee.

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